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Combat Archery

Combat Archery Zone In Killeen TX

Build connections, expend some energy, and have fun by checking out Combat Zone 2! This zone is all about combat archery, a fun—but safe—activity that involves shooting foam-tipped arrows at an opponent.

Set up your base and bunkers then let the arrows fly! We even have a field and equipment for the kids so everyone can play! This is an amazing exercise and a whole lot of fun.

Our facility in Killeen, TX, has all the resources you need to have a fantastic time! Along with a variety of games, and diverse archery equipment, it gives us an edge in hosting the best Archery Tag in the area. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a get-together with friends, or a unique corporate activity, this can be the perfect choice.

$7.99 per game or save with an all day pass for unlimited fun!

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